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Transferring videos from Google Drive to YouTube

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You can transfer videos from Google Drive to YouTube by sending them as email attachments, see, for example: But when you use this method for transferring videos to YouTube, you cannot upload files larger than 25MB, since the maximum file size of an email attachment is this size. Also, I don't think you can upload videos from someone else's GoogleDrive to Youtube using the email-attachment method, even if you know the GoogleDrive-url of the video.

I faced this problem when someone asked me to upload one of his GoogleDrive-videos to my YouTube-channel. I downloaded the video to my hard disk via the download button on the video. Download time: several hours. Then I uploaded the mp4-file from my hard disk to YouTube. Upload time: several hours again. So this turned out to be a non-method for transferring (big) GoogleDrive-files to Youtube.

I tried another method, with great succes this time. Having the GoogleDrive-video playing in front of me on a GoogleDrive server, I did 'save page as' and saved the page in an empty folder on my computer. Now the folder was filled with several files and subfolders. One of the subfolders called 'a_data_002' contained an mp4-file. I tried to open it, but I got a message saying that the file couldn't be played yet because the download was not complete. I waited a couple of minutes and tried again. No succes this time either, so I waited another couple of minutes. The third effort was succesful. The whole process had taken me about 8 minutes.

I emptied the folder except for the mp4-file and tried to play the video again. Succes! So now I had a standalone mp4-file that could be uploaded to YouTube. Would uploading the file take me several hours again, like before (see above)? No! A couple of minutes only were required for completing the whole upload-process.

So there you have it. A way to transfer large-sized GoogleDrive-videos to YouTube. And they don't have to be on your own GoogleDrive.

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