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The Easy Way to Absolute Center (vertical + horizontal alignment)

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I hit a snag recently when I wanted to absolutely center a responsive image and couldn't use my 'go-to' method of CSS3 transforms, due to other conflicting CSS3 keyframe animations that were cancelling it out;
img { 
	max-width: 100%; 
	max-height: 100%; 
	position: absolute; 
	top: 50%; 
	left: 50%; 
	-webkit-transform: translate(-50%,-50%);
	-ms-transform: translate(-50%,-50%);
	transform: translate(-50%,-50%)
Here's the CSS3 transform centering technique in action (IE9+):

I tried many other techniques, such as CSS tables/align-middle and flexbox (most listed here:, but it turned out that the easiest way was a little-documented trick using position:absolute; and margin:auto;

When most front-end developers think about centering an element using absolute positioning, they think of the 'top/left 50% with top/left negative margins' technique, which works very well if you know the size of the centered element;
img { 
	width: 500px; 
	height: 300px; 
	position: absolute; 
	top: 50%; 
	left: 50%; 
	margin-top: -150px; /* half the element's height */
	margin-left: -250px;  /* half the element's width */
But this doesn't work when you don't know the size of the element - such as with a responsive image.

The solution is to absolutely pin the element to each side of its container, and then let margin:auto; move it to vertical and horizontal center;
img { 
	max-width: 100%; /* responsive image */
	max-height: 100%; /* responsive image */
	position: absolute; 
	top: 0; 
	right: 0; 
	bottom: 0; 
	left: 0; 
	margin: auto /* center horizontally and vertically */
Here's how that looks:

Simple, right?

And it even works back to IE8

If you're curious about what I was working on, it was this - Responsive Modal Overlay/ Pop-up Image Viewer with Entrance Effects:

View the source code for the HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It's also worth noting that you can mix up the animation effects in the JS function calls;
modalImg('.popup.zoom', 'zoomin', 'dropout');
Experiment with what's there or why not try your own keyframe animations!

Have a great weekend!

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Updated 05-28-2016 at 07:23 AM by Beverleyh

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  1. molendijk's Avatar
    This css gives the image its natural dimensions. So I would think that you don't need both max-width and max-height. Either max-width: 100% or max-height: 100% (together with the other css) would also do the job (?).
    Updated 05-27-2016 at 11:11 PM by molendijk (typo)
  2. Beverleyh's Avatar
    Both are needed to keep both the width and the height of the image responsive.