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Another Youtube Gallery

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I know there's an excellent YouTube Video Gallery on DD. But I wanted a gallery that
- shows the videos inside the box containing the thumbnails for the videos, giving them the dimensions of the box;
- allows the videos to also be shown at full window size (maximize and minimize buttons for the videos);
- removes the Youtube ads;
- makes it possible to put text at the top of the thumbnails and at the top of the videos themselves.

So I made a gallery myself. Demos and instructions here.

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  1. ddadmin's Avatar
    Nice! The interface probably could be refined- the icons, maybe add an overlay to the page that dismisses the player when clicked on etc- but overall it looks like a solid script!
  2. molendijk's Avatar
    Ddadmin, thanks for the comment. Much appreciated.
    My 'icons' are in fact HTML-entities.
    There's an overlay, but I made it invisible.
    Maybe I should use 'real icons' and a visible overlay. I'll give it a thought.