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Some time ago I explained on my blog how we can play youtube-videos without the clutter through our own domain (well, sort of), see this. Some people who are using the script have told me that it works well, but that its usage is a bit cumbersome.

So I decided to create a new script that is supposed to be more user-friendly. It has two parts, which are interlinked:
(i) a part displaying a page where the user can directly type a cleanyoutube-URL into the address bar (url:;
(ii) a part displaying a custom search engine for cleanyoutube-videos (url:

Users who know the youtube-ID of the video they want to watch and who are familiar with the cleanyoutube-strings don't really need the search engine.
For people who need help, the page of part (i) has a help button which opens the search engine in a new tab.
This search engine does not only show all the youtube-videos corresponding to a given search term, but also the cleanyoutube-strings (not the youtube-strings) for the videos.

Playing youtube-videos via cleanyoutube-strings (cleanyoutube-videos) has 2 major advantages over directly playing youtube videos via (youtube-videos):
- cleanyoutube-videos don't display ads and other distractions;
- cleanyoutube-videos allow a parameter &info=... in the address bar, thus providing the user with the option to write his/her own info on top of youtube-videos. Example here.

The page showing the search engine contains info on how web developers can play cleanyoutube-strings through their own domain(s).

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