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News from YouTube

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I wanted to post the news some time ago, but I was afraid I was wrong. So I waited.
It seems, however, to be the truth and nothing but the truth (for the time being): YouTube have removed their ads from all videos except the ones that have (And even there, the ads are gone when we use IE or Firefox).
So now we can embed YouTube videos - in an iframe or flash object - without resorting to all kinds of malicious means to remove the ads (which does not mean that I am willing to remove the 'kill-the-ads-script' I created for my music sites: you never know, do you?).
YouTube also introduced a new feature allowing us to chop videos. We already had &start=..., but now we can also add &end=... to the video-url.
Here's a full list of features that can be used in a YouTube-url. Experiment with it, by replacing '1' with '0' or the other way 'round, by filling in a value for 'start' and 'end' (in seconds, for instance: end=200) and for vq (video quality: put small, medium, large, hd720 or highres):

DEMOS:;vq=highres (no ads, high video-quality; you can use this url in an embed) (ads with Google Chrome and Opera; low default video quality).
Arie Molendijk.

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Updated 07-04-2012 at 10:47 PM by molendijk (Correction)

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