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CSS Tidbit #1

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Have you ever noticed that ugly dotted border when you click a link?
Here's how to make it go away and stay away. (Please don't laugh at the puny size of this tidbit.)
a { outline: none; }

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Updated 04-28-2009 at 10:12 PM by ddadmin

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  1. Snookerman's Avatar
    That's a really bad idea since this completely destroys the usability for those who navigate using their keyboard.
  2. ddadmin's Avatar
    In some cases it's actually helpful though to remove the dotted lines around links in Firefox, such as when the links are part of a richer GUI interface of an Ajax application where the lines are unsightly, not needed.
  3. X96 Web Design's Avatar
    I agree with Snookerman and ddadmin - it's annoying for keyboard users, but helpful for design all at the same time...

    But does anyone still use no mouse? I haven't seen a mouse-less computer since the DOS days...
  4. Snookerman's Avatar
    I do it all the time since it's sometimes (or often) quicker than using the mouse, especially on sites that I use frequently, my internet bank for instance. It's much easier to go: tab-tab, write code, tab, return, tab-tab, return, etc., than: move hand to mouse, click, move hand back, write, move hand to mouse, click, etc. If you know all the keyboard shortcuts, you can save a lot of time.
  5. Schmoopy's Avatar
    Snookerman has a point, but overall I don't think it's a huge problem not to have the dotted lines and just recently I had exactly this problem when clicking a link that calls an AJAX script, after it's all been loaded you're still left with that ugly border around the link and taking it out makes it look much better. Unless you've got a huge site where accessibility is a huge issue, like the BBC website for example then I think it's justified to enhance the interface.
  6. samanthas's Avatar
    RE Swiss Army slideshow ...Hi all, . I am new and am not even sure if this is where I can post a question....if not, then first some guidance on where to post my quesrions. I am using the swiss army slideshow and wneed to know exactly where to chance the description text from black to white.