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Random Photoshop Observation

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I have been wondering for quite a while how, in Photoshop, to fade between two images. After all, the gradient tool has no "Image to Transparernt" gradient.
Well, I was making some graphics for a website yesterday and I had to select part of my dog's fur and tile that part of the image as a page background. However, there were no "tileable" parts, so I instinctively feathered the selection so her furs wouldn't clash with each other. When I did this, I noticed a transparent fuzz (the feather) and thought that that technique could be what I have been looking for.
I haven't tested this, but here is my theory:
1. Copy Image 1 (the left-hand one) into an image with an additional 50 pixels on the right.
2. Use the Magic Wand tool to select the transparent region (Anti-aliased, tolerance 0).
3. Inverse the selection.
4. Feather the selection.
5. Copy Image 2 (the right-hand one) into another image with an additional (width of Image 1 - 50 px) on the left.
6. Copy the feathered selection of Image 1 into the newly-created image on the left.

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