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Happy belated/early Naked Day!

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Yesterday, April 9th was the fourth annual CSS Naked Day. Participating websites get rid of their stylesheets and feed their naked markup to the world. The reason for this is to promote web standards and semantics.

To learn more about this and sign up (for next year) go to this page:

P.S. I know it would have been better if I posted this before April 9th but I forgot about it. Well, instead of seeing this as a late post about CSS Naked Day 2009, you can think of it as a really early announcement for CSS Naked Day 2010

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  1. ddadmin's Avatar
    Well, the spirit of CSS Naked Day can be anyday I guess. I wonder if there's a JavaScript/Ajax Naked Day- that would be more significant/ worthy IMO.
  2. molendijk's Avatar
    Can you do with naked markup what you can do with css?