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  1. Iframe resizing: remarks, requirements and a script

    I. Proportional heights inside an iframed document must be (re)calculated with respect to the height of the parent document
    There exists a variety of methods for setting the height of an iframe to match the height of its content. But I haven't found one that correctly handles the case of iframed documents containing elements with proportional heights ('vh' or '%'; correct me if I'm wrong). The problem is that, in a standard situation, any information sent to the iframe as regards to the proportional ...

    Updated 09-24-2018 at 07:36 PM by molendijk

  2. Firing scripts on page load

    EDIT 02-12: I added some ameliorations to the tutorial and designated a 'best method' for firing load events.
    Many people think that putting a script at the end of the body section guarantees that it will fire because of its position in the document. While this is true in many cases, we can't rely on this because a script put at the end of the document starts to run as soon as the dom is ready (unless we inform it to wait using a timeout or another method). At this 'domready stage', there ...

    Updated 02-12-2018 at 10:51 PM by molendijk

  3. Long right side toggle menus and the ugliness of double scrollbars

    All the right side toggle menus I've seen on the Internet show a vertical scrollbar appearing next to the vertical scrollbar of the window if both the page and the menu on it are long enough to have scrollbars. To take away this ugliness of double scroll bars appearing next to each other, we should make sure that the vertical scrollbar of a long right side toggle menu shows at the left side of the menu when the window has a vertical scrollbar too. When the window has no vertical scrollbar, the menu's ...
  4. Document.write again

    I know, I know... We should not recommend the use of document.write (DW). But not all uses of it are necessarily bad. There are even instances where it is definitely useful, see this. And there's a solution for many problems that people relate to the use of DW. Here's my small contribution to a discussion that is not dead yet:

    DW is bad because it does not work in XHTML.
    XHTML is a dead duck, so consider changing your DOCTYPE.

    DW executed after ...

    Updated 05-10-2017 at 08:23 AM by molendijk

  5. Spambot observation: Do spambots only hit the first form?

    A few years ago, I set up a web page that contained several different forms. I don't really know much about how spambots work (does anyone?) but, after a few weeks, it started taking hits - the usual junk about mail order brides and marketing advice, etc. The strange thing was that the spam only ever came in on the very first form - that is, via the form that appeared uppermost in the HTML - and it happened with too much predictability and regularity for it to just be coincidence.

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