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  1. Featured Content Slider v2.4- Pause content rotation onMouseover

    Original Script: Featured Content Slider v2.4

    Changes: The following modified .js file causes the script to pause the rotating of each slide (in auto mode) whenever the user rolls the mouse over the Slider or the pagination links, and resume playing onMouseout.

    Usage: Just replace the original .js file with the modified one.
    DD Scripts Mods
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  2. Welcome to the new DD Blog

    Just a quick welcome to the new DD Blog! Currently the following usergroups have permission to post in the Blog:

    - Senior Members
    - Elite Members
    - Mods and Admin

    All other members have permission to read the blog and post comments to an entry. Personally I'll be using the Blog mainly to post modifications to DD related Scripts asked by members on the forums and that could benefit the general audience as well.

    For the above 3 usergroups ...
    Off beat topics
  3. IE8 beta and CSS/ JavaScript compatibility quick fix

    IE8 has yet to formally launch, though the Beta and RC releases have been available for download for developers and those curious already. The advent of a new browser always brings up new issues with compatibility, and IE8 beta is no different. I've gotten quite a few emails lately regarding a DHTML script or CSS code not quite working properly in the new browser. A handful of scripts on DD fall into this group. I plan on eventually checking all scripts on DD for IE8 once it's officially released, ...

    Updated 02-27-2009 at 06:39 AM by ddadmin

    Web Design issues
  4. Generics in Javascript

    I just used this code to vent some frustration earlier, hope you all like it. It's pretty self-explanatory. It's probably too theoretical to go into the DD script archives, so I'll just leave it lying about here.

    var Generic = (function() {
      var MATCH_FAIL = {},
          MATCH_ANY  = function() { return MATCH_ANY; };
      function create(fallback) {
        var s = function() {
          for (var i = 0, args =,
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