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  1. IE8 beta and CSS/ JavaScript compatibility quick fix

    IE8 has yet to formally launch, though the Beta and RC releases have been available for download for developers and those curious already. The advent of a new browser always brings up new issues with compatibility, and IE8 beta is no different. I've gotten quite a few emails lately regarding a DHTML script or CSS code not quite working properly in the new browser. A handful of scripts on DD fall into this group. I plan on eventually checking all scripts on DD for IE8 once it's officially released, ...

    Updated 02-27-2009 at 06:39 AM by ddadmin

    Web Design issues
  2. Generics in Javascript

    I just used this code to vent some frustration earlier, hope you all like it. It's pretty self-explanatory. It's probably too theoretical to go into the DD script archives, so I'll just leave it lying about here.

    var Generic = (function() {
      var MATCH_FAIL = {},
          MATCH_ANY  = function() { return MATCH_ANY; };
      function create(fallback) {
        var s = function() {
          for (var i = 0, args =,
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