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  1. Display: table-cell in css-tables

    I learnt a few things from this thread, as far as display: table-cell in css-tables is concerned. Beverleyh's info was highly useful. I experimented a little bit further with table-cells and put my findings in a small document made for personal use. Then I thought it might be useful to others too, so here it is.
  2. RWD Cross-Fade Slideshow with Retina Images

    Want a simple, responsive cross-fading slideshow, with images that are lightweight AND retina-ready? You got it!


    Works in modern browsers and IE9+ (no fade effect in IE9). IE8 users just see a static image - but you can make IE8 act like IE9 with some CSS mods (see comments)

    This post covers 2 topics that can be used separately OR combined. First up... the slideshow. ...
  3. Emulating the HTML5 seamless iframe attribute

    There are many scripts that present a method for setting the iframe's height to match its contents. But I looked in vain for a script that integrates the iframe in a completely seamless way into the containing document. So I tried to write a script for emulating seamless iframes myself.
    My seamless iframes are competely indistinguishable from the surrounding text/content and inherit their css from the main document. All the code is put in the main document. No special code required in the ...
  4. Show "new" content until visited (link tracking)

    Ever wanted to flag newly added content to individual visitors, and then remove the flag once they've read it? Here's how to do it using local storage (like cookies) to save tracked, internal links on your website.

    Demo: Tracked 'New' Links

    Where you might use this script
    - to indicate new and unread blog entries
    - to highlight important notices on your home page
    - to track read chapters of ...
  5. How to open a new tab together with text or code 'of my choice'

    I knew that it is possible to programmatically force the browser to open a new window instead of a new tab, or the other way round. But I didn't know until now how to open a new tab together with text or code 'of my choice'.
    The text or code we may want to 'add' to a new tab must have the format of a string. The more complex the text or code we want to add, the bigger the danger of making mistakes in writing the string.
    So I decided to create a HTML-to-javascript-converter specially ...
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