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  1. All Levels Menu- top headers revealed onClick instead of onMouseover

    Original Script: All Levels Navigational Menu v2.2

    Changes: This modified version of ddlevelsmenu.js causes the top level sub menus to be revealed onClick of the primary headers (instead of the default onMouseover). The remaining sub levels are still revealed onMouseover like before.

    Usage: Just replace the original .js file with the modified one.
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  2. Compact Cookie Unit

    Cookies are often confusing. Much of the confusion can be eliminated if you know that all cookies are strings. If you want to store an array, function, number, or an object in a cookie, you must convert it to a string before storage and upon retrieval change it back into the object/array/function/number that it was. Cookies are therefore best used for string storage and retrieval. This unit doesn't pretend to eliminate all of the possible confusions that can arise from "when and where in ...

    Updated 07-10-2010 at 04:59 PM by jscheuer1

    Post a JavaScript
  3. Dynamically minimizing a DHTML Window

    Original Script: DHTML Window

    By default the DHTML Window script can only be minimized by clicking on the "minimize" icon located on the upper right of the opened window. Someone asked on the forums if there's a way to do this dynamically, such as via a link instead. Well, certainly. Given the below example DHTML Window:

    var"googlebox", "iframe", "", "#1: Google Web site",
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  4. "Operation Aborted" error in IE when inserting new elements into the DOM, and fix

    The DOM lets you dynamically create and add elements to the page, such as the following, which creates an image on the fly and adds it to the end of the document:

    var img=document.createElement("img")
    img.setAttribute('src', 'dd.gif')
    Ideally such an operation should be done after the document has loaded, though in most browsers, I noticed you can get away with it. In IE6 and IE7, however, things get a lot more ...

    Updated 06-04-2009 at 01:45 AM by ddadmin

    Web Design issues
  5. Document.write issues

    The Ajax Includes Script given at uses document.write for including external content. Advantage: you don't have to explicitly bring the js belonging to the external file(s) to the main page. But beware the results in certain cases! In IE, (external) scripts added to the page using document.write are not run until after the document.write that adds them has finished. Non-IE browsers will run them straight away. So
    <script type="text/javascript">

    Updated 05-17-2009 at 12:55 AM by molendijk (Forgot to mention category)

    JavaScript & Ajax
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