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  1. jscheuer1's Avatar
    OK, sorry - I'm commenting without thoroughly testing and reading this blog entry. That said, I'm assuming you are relying upon knowing the structure of the xml file/data. Right? In any case, that's always been my approach in the past. I just recently came upon xml_parse_into_struct(). This (standard I believe, or at least common) PHP function allows you to create at least two (or one if you prefer) arrays from the xml data/file. One of these can be easily mined for any text content without needing to know the tag name(s). For an example, see:

    For general info, see:

    You can also get tons of other information (attributes) without needing to know any tag names. I've always thought this should be possible, just never came came across a function (PHP or otherwise) for it before.
  2. molendijk's Avatar
    4 June 2016
    I modified the lines for highlighting selected tabs, as a result of which there's no need anymore for putting IDs on the tab-links. Putting content into a panel is now dead simple:
    <a class="display_panel" href="#some_panel" >Some tab</a>
    <div style="position: absolute; display: none; ">
    <div id="some_panel">
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  3. molendijk's Avatar
    2 June 2016.
    I added info about embedding javascript-based seamless iframes in the panels and added a panel displaying the complete source code for a basic URL-driven tabbing system.