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  1. Beverleyh's Avatar
    Just a note that this menu has been replaced with a version that has better tap-support for the desktop view on large screen touch devices;

    UPDATED Responsive CSS3 Multi-Level, Drop-Down Menu (no JavaScript):

    UPDATED Responsive CSS3 Multi-Level, Drop-Down Menu (with JavaScript enhancement):

    And for a menu where sub-menu drops-downs can be closed by tapping anywhere in the surrounding area, try this:
  2. Beverleyh's Avatar
    Ah, I see what you mean. Good catch!

    No problem - the fix is to add this to the desktop CSS media query;
    .container, #menu, #menu .sub-nav { -webkit-transform:translate(0,0) !important; -ms-transform:translate(0,0) !important; transform:translate(0,0) !important }
    I'll update the demo (and the other menu scripts, as I imagine they'll all need this little snippet too) shortly.

    Just heading off home for the weekend. Have a good one!
  3. molendijk's Avatar
    Hi Beverleyh,
    Just a quick thing I noticed when I resized from fullscreen to a size where the mobile-icon appears. If after a click on the icon I return directly to fullscreen mode, part of the horizontal menu is cut off / becomes invisible.
  4. Beverleyh's Avatar
    To remove the 300ms touch delay and make the fly-out menus contract again on large touchscreen devices, please install the SwiftClick script from the source of this page:

    The article to support this update is here:
  5. molendijk's Avatar
    I revised the script so as to make it possible to not only load files into divs on page load but also on click, using one and the same script.