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  1. Beverleyh's Avatar
    Hi James,

    Sorry I didnt spot your comment sooner - The Easter holidays have disrupted my usual email checking routine

    It is true that minifying css might one shave off a few kbs from an existing css file but a saving is still a saving

    It makes a more noticable difference when all 3 aspects of step 4 are covered together;
    1 - use and external css file
    2 - merge multiple css files
    3 - minify css

    If you're using one external stylesheet already, removing all the whitespace from it is not going to make a huge difference on its own though
  2. james438's Avatar
    Lots of useful information here. 4, 5, and 6 were new to me.

    One question though. In tip 4 you removed the whitespace in your example CSS. From my understanding the whitespace doesn't affect the performance of the code to any measurable degree. Why do you suggest condensing it the way you do?
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