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  1. Compact Cookie Unit

    Cookies are often confusing. Much of the confusion can be eliminated if you know that all cookies are strings. If you want to store an array, function, number, or an object in a cookie, you must convert it to a string before storage and upon retrieval change it back into the object/array/function/number that it was. Cookies are therefore best used for string storage and retrieval. This unit doesn't pretend to eliminate all of the possible confusions that can arise from "when and where in ...

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  2. Swiss Army II

    I just wanted to Blog this info to make it easy to find. It regards the Swiss Army Slide Show script:

    Because many people want even more flexibility than it originally provided, I've updated it (script only, right click 'save as'):

    This is a drop in replacement for swissarmy.js and requires no changes in the on page code ...

    Updated 09-28-2010 at 12:33 AM by jscheuer1 (various updates as noted (see end of main entry))

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