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  1. Beverleyh's Avatar
    Thanks for tackling this issue ddadmin. I'm sure it will be a welcome upgrade to DD's already fantastic menu scripts.
  2. houstonrca's Avatar
    The above code does not work !!! Tried it several times windows become convoluted. The old srciipt
    was much better. Windows are out of sequence it becomes a night mare... They show up at the top of the page.
    ALL I needed was an example of maximizing a dhtml window via code.

    STILL any help would be appreciated !!!!
  3. leandroflorist's Avatar
    Is it true that we don't have to support IE6 anymore?
  4. deliwasista's Avatar

    I am also having trouble with the new IE8... the HV 5.5 dropdown menus were fine until IE8, now when I roll over the pop up does NOT appear next to my verticl menu it shows at the top of the screen no where near my menu.

    Ive taken off my doctypes and spent several months now trying to find a fix..
    Can someone help me out?
    I would like to keep using this menu..

  5. Maddawg6's Avatar
    So here is an interesting dilemma I am trying to work through with dynamically minimizing. If I have more than 1 dhtml window that I am trying to minimize then every window after the 1st one will minimize and at the very end of loading the page, a script kicks off and moves the minimized windows to their original x,y position. They are all still minimized but not in an orderly fashion in the bottom left of the screen. The only one that remains at the bottom on the screen is the first window that was minimized; and only if it is the first window loaded within your web page.

    I'm trying to figure out how to make all my minimized windows stay nice and orderly at the bottom of my page.

    Any help is most appreciated!
  6. yumasan's Avatar
    Ok, this script seems to work on all the browsers I've tested but only on click. It seems to igmore the mouseover setting in the main javascript in the body of the page. Not a big deal, perhaps there is something conflicting. I still would like to request title and image description to pop up, perhaps another script to combine?
    Thanks again!
  7. yumasan's Avatar
    I've also tried this new js as well as the one posted here:

    One causes the images rotation to stop when the mouse moves anywhere on the page and the other doesn't switch images on mousover, it just keeps autoplaying.
    I also have a request, would it be possible to add a title and description as the large image loads?
  8. vol7ron's Avatar
    I just realized I had two different Dynamic Drive pages open, these comments were referencing a dynamic slideshow fade:

    and just a follow-up, the reason why it's not working is because from the article, the in-page script has you set the width of the gallery container. I set the width to '100%', which works in FF and Chrome, but not IE. I'm not sure why this is breaking in jQuery for IE, other than the fact that setting an element's css width style to '100%' is not working, perhaps jQuery sets it with a unit, so that it's '100%px', which would fail.

    Anyhow, to get the effect that I wanted, I manually set the width to 100% directly in the HTML, then when building the gallery I sent the width as a blank string '' (single quotes), which I'm assuming would either skip over the width attribute in jQuery, or would set it to 'auto'. Either way, that's how to get the slideshow to work without setting the width.
    Updated 03-15-2010 at 03:07 AM by vol7ron
  9. vol7ron's Avatar
    btw, i also tried version 1.4.2, some stuff was changed, but the error is still happening at the same spot.

    I'm not sure if this is a jQuery problem, or a fadeslideshow.js problem
  10. vol7ron's Avatar
    I'm getting an error in IE8 - I tried to do some debugging, but haven't had much time, to debug I'm using: /1.3.2/jquery.js (non-minified)

    		// IE uses filters for opacity
    		if ( ! && name == "opacity" ) {
    			if ( set ) {
    				// IE has trouble with opacity if it does not have layout
    				// Force it by setting the zoom level
    				elem.zoom = 1;
    				// Set the alpha filter to set the opacity
    				elem.filter = (elem.filter || "").replace( /alpha\([^)]*\)/, "" ) +
    					(parseInt( value ) + '' == "NaN" ? "" : "alpha(opacity=" + value * 100 + ")");
    			return elem.filter && elem.filter.indexOf("opacity=") >= 0 ?
    				(parseFloat( elem.filter.match(/opacity=([^)]*)/)[1] ) / 100) + '':
    		name = name.replace(/-([a-z])/ig, function(all, letter){
    			return letter.toUpperCase();
    		if ( set )
    			elem[ name ] = value;
    		return elem[ name ];
    IE8 says error is at Line:1061 Char:4
    In MS Visual Studio 2K5, line 1061, is the elem[name]=value - right before the last return statement.

    I included the chunk of code in scope, which shows that this has to do with the IE filtering/opacity portion of jquery. Any luck on getting this to work in IE8?

    There is always a danger. Generally, if using an untrusted library, the danger is that an external site could be retrieving/storing private user information. Other dangers could be more malicious, but generally not performed with JavaScript.

    In this particular case, jQuery implements some dom ready events, which may be placed higher in the stack. This generally doesn't mean much, but if you have your own code that that you want to run, when the dom is ready, then this could pose a delay and a perceived performance hit, depending on what is being done. I've noticed this due to the pre-loading of the images in the script. The result is to place your other code before this slideshow load script, so that it is placed in the stack first.
  11. tfsam's Avatar
    "eshreya_support" seem to spam the blog comment,,,
  12. kpsony's Avatar
    There is a bug with the new fading script. The auto rotate stops after only two slides. Can you please fix? Thank you@!!
  13. jscheuer1's Avatar
    Since the upgrade of the main/original script:

    //Updated (July 21st, 09): Updated to work in jQuery 1.3.x
    To use the mod in this blog entry, one would be better off just changing the one line in the upgraded script available on:


    $target.animate(endpoint, config.speed)

    $target.css(endpoint).css({opacity:0}).animate({opacity:1}, config.speed) //custom code
    Otherwise you will have to use jQuery 1.2.x and not benefit from other improvements to the code.
  14. dragot's Avatar
    This .js file doesn't seem to work in Safari 4.03. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  15. EISD's Avatar
    minimize:function(button, t){
    	button.setAttribute("src", dhtmlwindow.imagefiles[2])
    	button.setAttribute("title", "Restore")
    	if (typeof t.minimizeorder=="undefined"){
    	var windowspacing=t.minimizeorder*183"px""3px"
    maximize:function(button, t){
    	button.setAttribute("src", dhtmlwindow.imagefiles[2])
    	button.setAttribute("title", "Restore")
    restore:function(button, t){
    	button.setAttribute("src", dhtmlwindow.imagefiles[3])
    	button.setAttribute("title", "Maximize")
    	if (t.resizeBool)"block""px""px""px""px""visible"
    	else if(t.state=="minimized"){
    	button.setAttribute("src", dhtmlwindow.imagefiles[0])
    	button.setAttribute("title", "Minimize")
    	if (t.resizeBool)"block""px""px""px""visible"
  16. robertyburlow's Avatar
    Better use firefox instead

    Roberty Burlow
    -owner of Drill Dimensions
  17. gonix's Avatar
    its not working in my IE8.. the page loads fine there it says theres an error and the animation wont load at all.


  18. chendra's Avatar
    hi, i already replace the original js file with the latest one... but it doesnt work? can you advise? or are there demos that u did that i can look at? please help
  19. HookedLD1190's Avatar

    Do you yet have an update for the HV Menu v5.5? In IE8 the menu appears to be ignoring the width and height set to each level. You can see an example of what I mean here: The meta tag fix does not appear to solve the problem. Any insight would be wonderful.

    Thank you!
  20. studioab's Avatar
    Please please please.
    Help me to get onMouse switch the slide instead of just clicking the links.

    Thank you for awesome script.
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