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Off beat topics

Miscellaneous, personal stories.

  1. IE8 has arrived- so has the work to ensure DD scripts are compatible in it

    Well, IE8 was officially released today, and most reviews I've come across on the web seems to be more or less positive, some even saying it puts IE back on top of FF. I've been using IE8 since the beta releases, and to me it's no FF killer. But personal feelings aside, the fact of the matter is, IE8 has arrived, it will eventually become the top browser market share wise in time as it's fed to Windows users, and unfortunately, this means it's also time to go through all scripts on DD to ensure ...
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  2. Welcome to the new DD Blog

    Just a quick welcome to the new DD Blog! Currently the following usergroups have permission to post in the Blog:

    - Senior Members
    - Elite Members
    - Mods and Admin

    All other members have permission to read the blog and post comments to an entry. Personally I'll be using the Blog mainly to post modifications to DD related Scripts asked by members on the forums and that could benefit the general audience as well.

    For the above 3 usergroups ...
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