View Full Version : making a free tree menu look professional

05-22-2006, 04:39 AM
ok, so i'm working with dtree, mostly cause its completely free. However, I want some of the functionality of another tree menu I found.

here are the tree's

dtree coding found at: http://www.destroydrop.com/javascripts/tree/

apycom menu found at: http://dhtml-menu.com/tree-examples/tree-menuxp3.html

anywayz, the functionality i'm looking for is
if I create multiple trees, I know how to separate them, but I want them to have the affect where no 2 tree divs can be open at the same time. dtree has a "root" item, which I want to remove all together, so I can have a fancier title (like on apycom). But my attempts have failed to remove it, other than removing the associated text and image. But then I have some whitespace there that I need to get rid of

apycom has encrypted code, so that doesn't help, but dtree is all there. Anywayz, I'm still rather new to javascript and dhtml. Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance for replying to this!