View Full Version : request for image view script

05-18-2006, 04:12 PM
hi-- i recently spliced two of my favorite scripts you guys have -- cmotion and image viewer II so i now have a scrolling thumbnail bar on top of a div where the blownup image is loaded.
i love this script but i would like to add a caption div below the blownup image (customizable of course) and was wondering if you guys can help me with that?
i also would like to have a default image preloaded into the "blownup image box" underneath the scroller so that it's not just a blank space when the page first loads.
i have attached everything in the zip.
but i suppose the code could be cleaner since i spliced everything.
so maybe a image viewer with a scrolling thumbnail preview, caption capabilities and a default image?
please please help! i truly appreciate any help you can give.