View Full Version : Images loaded via AJAX not showing in IE

05-17-2006, 02:06 PM
Dynamic Ajax Content

I was first introduced to AJAX on DYnamic Drives. Thanks so much, but I just came accross a problem implementing the ajax script.

I have web page that usesing ajax to load content including images. In FF the images load no problem. In IE the images supplied by the ajax request don't show, but other html does.

The code looks something like this

ajaxpage('get_personnel.php?MemberID=$ID', 'bandmember')

I have created a test case that's stripped of CSS and anything else superfluous.


pswd: test
user: test

this page displays small faces of members of a group. Clicking a member's face runs the ajax code that will load the bio and additional photos (scroll down).

As I said FF is ok IE no way. Very strange.