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05-02-2006, 03:53 AM
I have the fadebgcolor set to "transparent" like I saw in another thread, however, I am able to see the next image being loaded behind it, and so on. Some help would be GREATLY appreciated. Url: lunaguitars.com/lunasite (http://www.lunaguitars.com/lunasite/)

05-02-2006, 04:27 AM
If I could use a .jpg as a bg image that too would work....

05-02-2006, 05:16 AM
None of this would be much of a problem if you were using solid images but, it gets worse -

Internet Explorer still represents 80% of the browsers in use today. It doesn't support alpha image transparency in the way that you are using it on your page. With or without a background for the images, they will look horrible in IE unless you change them to single layer transparency in either the .png or .gif formats.

Also, in the three major browsers, your layout places the slideshow at various similar yet different locations on your page. It is hard to tell exactly but it might be identical as far as the vertical positioning goes. It is close in any case. If it is the same or at least the same relative to the background, then you could use a gradient background that roughly matches your page's background. If they are off just a bit vertically, it will look odd in any browser that is different than the one you design the layout for. These layout inconsistencies should be able to be resolved, at least as far as the critical (for this situation) vertical dimension is concerned.

Switching to a strict DOCTYPE and abandoning any pretense of xml for this purely html page might help. At the very least, validating (http://validator.w3.org/check?verbose=1&uri=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.lunaguitars.com%2Flunasite%2F) your document with its chosen DOCTYPE would be a start. You could be lucky, as I say the vertical alignment looks like it could already be OK across browsers and you always have the option of simply trying to tweak things if it is not, rather than go for a valid document. A valid document is preferable though, because if it works in your target browsers and validates, it will probably be workable for a wide variety of other browsers including many yet to be developed.

That all being said, there are two places in the script where the background is set to the color in the configuration variable fadebgcolor. They both look like so:


If you change both of these instances to:


You then can do something like this in the configuration area:

var fadebgcolor="white url('slidegradient.jpg')"



is the name of your background image for the slideshow. A path can be included:

var fadebgcolor="white url('images/slidegradient.jpg')"

if appropriate.