View Full Version : George's Expandable Ticker

04-26-2006, 12:03 AM
Being a junior HTML coder I am allowed to maintain my department web pages until TPTB feel I am competant to handle client-facing script. :rolleyes:

I have been using George's ticker script for some time and I love it, but my ancestor web pages have been rewritten in XHTML and I must conform. :(

Now I can't use the ilayer tags, and I have had to find an alternate script for my ticker. The new script is fine, but it lacks the supercool 'expandlayer' that allows the user to view the first few characters of the ticker in a list and jump directly to the entry.

I've searched around and haven't found anything that compares to George's ticker. I'm hesitant to try and build my own, partly because I don't think my boss will allocate the time for me (department web pages are on the very bottom of the value-added work totem pole, right above updating the employee phone directory ;) ) but mostly because of my self-admitted lack of experience ( I really AM a junior coder!.)

Anyone else have to make a change like this? Did you find a good alternative?