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04-21-2006, 01:00 AM
Hi, I have found a bug in the HV menu that doesnt allow more than 5 first level items... if this isnt a bug then I'm sorry for posting in the wrong place.

04-21-2006, 04:54 AM
Most likely a syntax error on your part in coding the items. However, HV is a third party menu (click for more info) (http://www.dynamicdrive.com/forums/showthread.php?t=320), not generally supported by DD. I'd suggest posting about this in the DD help or javascript forums (choose one, please don't double post). Perhaps someone will pick it up.

04-26-2006, 04:13 AM
I agree with the syntax diagnosis. I have many more than 5 top level menus at www.andersonptsa.com. Feel free to examine the View Source to see how this was done. Good luck!

04-28-2006, 01:59 AM
In the file exmplemenu_var.js find the line
var NoOffFirstLineMenus
Set this value to the number of first level menu's you have.
The default is 5 but that is not the limit, I have 15 on my site.

05-22-2006, 10:27 PM
Script : HV menu


Sorry, if the first message was not so clear.

My concern was : I made a menu with HV menu with a free program (called ovidentia it's like SPIP) which manages the content of the site.

When I download my page (without frame) but with a relative position, the menu works fine with mozilla but does not appear with internet explorer.

Could someone give me a help ? Is it normal or a bug ?


05-24-2006, 09:13 AM
I know that I have to edit the NoOffFirstLineMenus parameter. I have done that, yet it refuses to show the extra menu even though it's coded the exact same as the ones that do show up. Any ideas? o_o;

05-25-2006, 11:00 AM
I think I've found the problem :)
It has some issues with the number 7 lol!