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04-18-2006, 03:51 AM
Hi there, first time post here,

I've DL'ed and configured everything for the RSS ticker, but am having problems getting it to actually display my feed. Everything seems to be fine, except that it states:

"Error fetching remote RSS feed!
Sorry, no items found in the RSS file :-("

I have correctly changed the cnn reference in bridge.php to the url of my feed (http://www.seattlepokeropen.com/news/atom.xml), but it still cannot find the feed.

If I am missing something obvious, I apoligize in advance. But I've poured over the instructions and can't find where I've gone wrong.

Here is my test file with the ticker:

(its a little ugly, but it conveys the functionality)

Thanks for any help you can offer....

04-19-2006, 03:41 AM
Looking at the source of your xml file, it doesn't seem to be a valid RSS file, which would explain why LastRSS, the parser used by RSS ticker, can't retrieve it. You can validate your RSS file to make sure it's correct syntax wise by using: http://www.seattlepokeropen.com/news/atom.xml

04-19-2006, 08:13 PM
Thanks for letting me know it was a syntax thing. The /atom.xml link was the feed that Blogger.com sets up for your feed. Apparently with the free blogs, they only provide atom formatted feeds.

They do, however, have at the bottom of their help page on feeds, a link that says if you want RSS to go to FeedBurner. I set it up with Feedburner, directed bridge.php to the feedburner link and it worked like a charm!

Regarding the Date variable:
- Can I move it to be infront of the Title? ex: "April 15 - [title]"
- Can it be moved to the same line as the title? Maybe through CSS?

I am trying to get a single line ticker. I've removed the date variable for now, and you can see the one-line ticker here: http://www.seattlepokeropen.com/newstest.html

Thanks again for your help....

04-19-2006, 11:39 PM
You can actually edit the look/position of how the various components of the RSS feed should be shown. Just open up the .js file of the script, and locate the portion:

var linktitle='<div class="rsstitle"><a href="'+this.link[this.pointer]+'">'+this.title[this.pointer]+'</a></div>'
var description='<div class="rssdescription">'+this.description[this.pointer]+'</div>'
var feeddate='<div class="rssdate">'+this.pubdate[this.pointer]+'</div>'
if (this.logicswitch.indexOf("description")==-1) description=""
if (this.logicswitch.indexOf("date")==-1) feeddate=""

By rearranging the above code, you can pretty much do whatever you want. But in your case, I gather something like changing the two line:

var feeddate='<spanclass="rssdate">'+this.pubdate[this.pointer]+'</span>'

var tickercontent=feeddate+linktitle+description //STRING FOR FEED

04-20-2006, 12:01 AM
I appreciate your reply, but I am just starting to deal with this type of code, and am a little confused.

What exactly do you mean by "changing the two line:"? Do you mean that I add in the second line after the var feeddate line? (the var feeddate line remains the same in your example)

Will I have to reference tickercontent in either the bridge file or any html files?

Thanks again...

04-20-2006, 12:06 AM
By changing those two lines, I mean change the original versions of those two lines to the two lines in red instead. So the first line to change is "var feeddate..." inside the orignal script. That's it- you don't need to do any further tinkering.