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11-29-2004, 12:10 AM
RE: Fading Scroller Script

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First let me say that I love this script. Previously, my theme designer used a legacy DD solution that didn't work in many browsers and was altered by the coder to the point where it was non-compliant to the tune of 60 HTML Validation errors...

This solution however works perfectly, but alas, they way I'm using it, it is also non-compliant with HTML 4.01 Transitional specifications.

Here's my problem. On my site, I'm using this script as part of my theme so in this particular case the solution resides in my "header.php" file.

(NOTE: I use PHP-Nuke to drive my site, and thus all of my files are php, though I do convert the system to .html through .htaccess routines later in the process).

Needless to say, I'm not using the script as "intended", as it is not part of the <body> but rather in the <head> section of my site.

What I am wondering is what kind of nightmare it would be to adapt this solution to work in the <head> section so as to eliminate my many html 4.01 transitional compliance errors. Presently, I get about 20 of them because of using this solution, though it does actually work and look great up there in my <head> section.

You can see it in action at my website: http://64bit.us (at the very top) :)

You can see the validation errors by clicking the following link (to see the same problem in my error free test domain, which uses this same theme, now that I've eliminated the other 200 errors from it).

Should anyone need to see how I've slightly modified the original code to fit into this space without the boxed borders, feel free to view my site's source-code or send me "feedback" or email from my site. I'm more than happy to share my custom header.php file which makes it easier to view all of the sectional ?> and <? functions. (Yes, I need to go in and out of php mode to get this solution to work).

If anyone has any ideas, they would be greatly appreciated! I'm more than post credits and links for anyone that can help!


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12-09-2004, 01:21 PM
I have no idea what is causing you to get that message. Your message also fails to tell me which link generated this problem.

I would suggest maybe that you try to load the page directly if you still are having this problem. My site does use Cookies (first party cookies) for sessions, but if you are not logged in, it doesn't require them.

12-09-2004, 01:51 PM
Not to worry, it's fixed itself now.

The website looks great, and as soon as the staff at Dynamic Drive get round to it, the script will most probably be made compliant with most standards.