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11-27-2004, 12:58 AM
Hi - glad to be here!

As an apprentice web designer, I've designed my own website - a gallery of my artwork - using DD's Image Thumbnail Viewer II. (It may also help to know that I have broadband and I'm also using Front Page 2000. I know, I know - could do better eh! One day it'll be DreamWeaver ;)
Anyway, it would help to have a wee look at:-


Being a novice it did take me a wee while to get it together but I finally made it - incomplete but online at least. Based on my own personal likes/dislikes when browsing the web, I really like the simplicity and look of the finished gallery so far.

- It displays thumbnails AND the main images on the same page. (I want to keep visitors on the same page whenever poss - to avoid opening new pages or pop-up windows. I don't like lots of open windows. Just my preference!)

- I can add new pics reasonably easily. (On saying that it could be easier! Unless I'm missing something, I've been adding my new artwork at the end of each section coz the other option is to manually move down and edit the individual pics/files! This can involve a helluva work - esp when they are not saved numerically or in any order! Tips on this would be very helpful!)

- It helps minimise the amount of pages to work on! (My first site had a page for each item. Although I was able to add text/describe each one, the overall site was becoming a nightmare to edit!)

- It's difficult for folks to 'right-click' and copy pictures.

- In all, so far as I've found, it's almost what I want - almost...

My only problem is this:
Because I'm displaying a gallery, I need to show text descriptions for each item eg. name, size, medium and other stuff.
So far - just coz I don't know how to achieve this using the above script, my art could be either a badge or a wall mural as far as the viewer is concerned!
I've messed around with 'alt' which I admit does the job, but I'd prefer something a bit more visual or suited to the site.

Apart from that, I ask only one more thing...be gentle with me coz I'm still a novice! Not stupid, just inexperienced but eager and willing! I know the site will develop naturally - same rate as me brain as it happens! hmm :rolleyes:

On that note - can anyone help?
Thank you for reading. Look forward to a response!

. . . . . . . . . . . .
I can change the layout if required - to fit text better.
Failing that (if my needs can't be met using the above script) I'd be interested to hear of alternatives which offer the same/similar or even better options: I've already checked out 2 other possibilities but one thing at a time eh! No point in starting anew yet...