View Full Version : Write Data To Another File?

11-26-2004, 11:21 PM
I originally posted this in the HTML Forum as it deals with Forms, however it has been suggested that this could be accomplished using javascript.

I'm attempting to make an HTML 'program' that works on a local computer NOT the internet. It's to catalogue someone's DVD collection.
I've read many tutorials on Forms but they all talk about sending the info to some sort of processor via e-mail. Here is a pic of my Form so far :
I would like some of this info to be displayed on another page containing a list of contents :
When the Thumbnail is clicked on, a page showing all the data is displayed along with a larger pic.
My problem is how to get the data to these other files WITHOUT going through the e-mail or internet. Can anybody put me on the right path please. A link to a tutorial or something will be most appreciated.
Thanx :)