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04-07-2006, 12:31 PM

I have two seperate scripts. The hintscript from DD (modified by jscheuer1, who did a great job) and Walters Drag and drop script. Now I want to combine the 2 scripts, but it doesn't seem to work when I've combined them. I think there are some problems occuring with the javascripts or something.

Well I've made 3 demo's:

Demo 1:
This demo shows the hintscript. Images are scaled down for demo purposes.
Works in: IE 6, FF2 and Opera

Demo 2:
The modified Drag & Drop script by Walter. I've modified some stuff so the co÷rdinates of the image are safed. This way the image stays where you dropped it.
Works in: IE 6, FF2 and Opera

Demo 3:
Here I've tried to combine the two scripts. Only the image isn't draggable anymore :(. I just added the hintscript just as I did in demo 1, but something prevents the image from being draggable as soon as this is added. Why? :confused:
Doesn't work in any browser. IE 6 does drag and drop the image, but the tooltip is not working right... It works offline on my desktop though, for all 3 browsers...

Really need some help with this. Tried everything I could think of to make these two scripts compatible with each other. I am out of options :eek: I don't understand why these to scripts combined work on my desktop, but not online... And how to intergrate the tooltip so it follows the image?

Thank you for you time


ps. I've asked this question in another topic, but because it's so different from the original question asked there, I desided to make a new clean topic about this!

ps2. All scripts can be downloaded and watched if needed, just get the link from the sourcecode from the html files.

ps3. If this issue is solved, I also would like the tooltip to follow the dragged image when you drag it.