View Full Version : panic over filters

11-26-2004, 04:00 PM
i made a webpage for a university foreign language module project, it contains some simple java and a background like
this (http://www.scriptfx.com/transitions/gradient/gradient_filter.htm).
and I panicked when, on going to their computers, they had a thing on, which made a bar appear at the top of the browser window saying something like
"webactive (stuff) disabled, click to allow or see your administrator"

my page only displayed the simple stuff - the pics, no sound, lack applet or microsoft.gradient background, until i clicked "allow".
because of that I jumped to the conclusion this afternoon that the funky background would only be viewable on a computer which is plugged into the internet.

the reason why this matters is that the site (on a floppy) will be marked by an external examiner who may, by chance, not use an online pc, and the problem is I made the real background and the text both white; so it'd be invisible unless they "select all" - even so, i worry i might lose a ton of marks for a minor oversight; which'd be gutting as I put in an awful lot more work into it than anyone else in my class.

please could someone reassure me that i'm only experiencing a bout of web-baby paranoia... i think it's just the stress of the final year that's getting to me!

11-26-2004, 05:04 PM
Yes, the infamous information bar.

Offline, any java access has to be ok'ed. But trust me, any examiner would get this millions of times a day and be used to it. Otherwise, just put a note at the top of the page.