View Full Version : HVMenu under XP SP2

11-24-2004, 06:51 PM

I'm having a strange problem using the HVMenu-script with XP SP2.
When selecting the site on the internet (http://www.fruithof.be), only the menu appears, the rest of the page only shows the background-color (=black). When I wipe out the Java-code for the menu, everything appears well (except the menu of course).
I'd suppose that, when XP SP2 has a problem with the script, it would report an error during execution of the script, but in practice, it's but the menu that is shown ! I added the site to the 'Trusted sites' to lower the security-settings, but it didn't help.
Moreover, if I execute the page locally from my drive (and not from the internet), it all works fine. I compared all my settings in the 'Trusted Site'-zone with those in the 'Intranet'-zone, and they were equal.
Anyone an idea ?