View Full Version : ajax Manage in ie and firefox, when you create a google guest function

03-16-2006, 10:45 PM
hi i create something like google guest, if you send the form i create a article show the code. I think this code is really awesome, but i have a problem i call this code in a php page and specific in a form tag .

This tag active like a boomerang effect with the submit() event in javascript, :confused: but I insert the code for the ajax guest in two div tag one for the search input label text and the other for insert the generate code for the ajax guest search perfomed in a db.
I create the search function like the google guest , but when i trate to do onclick event in the generated result(is active this is not the problem).
The reference to the first page is lost and the reference to the form is lost too.
The image show my problem.
php page
<form id="alfa">
<select id="beta">
<div id="searchtext">
<input ...>
<div id="contentsearch">
</form onClick="javascript:form.submit('this')">
ajax script
case x:

case y:


the document show the form is "has no properties" and I can't call the boomerang effect again.
someone can help me ????????????????????????????????????????????????????