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Graf Koks
11-14-2018, 05:46 PM
Hello to all members,

Can anybody give me a hint ?
I put your Sticky Tooltip-Skript on my page, but it won´t work properly. The little window "sticky1" does not open, clicking on the word nigeria connection the link is okay.
<a href="https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vorschussbetrug" data-tooltip="sticky1">Nigeria Connection</a>
wikipedia opens.
Till now I only installed thr tooltip script and put this code on the end of main.

<!--HTML for the tooltips-->
<div id="mystickytooltip" class="stickytooltip">
<div style="padding:5px">
<div id="sticky1" class="atip" style="width:200px">
<img src="https://bilder.tonline.de/b/54/22/49/92/id_54224992/209/tid_da/
australierin-betrog-betrueger-.jpg" /><br />
Australierin schlug zurück und betrog die Connection.
<div class="stickystatus"></div>
Putting it anywhere without

<div class="stickystatus"></div>
the pic and text appears on that place. adding it the whole text content is gone.

Doc type html 4.01 transitional.
The URL is:

Nearly the whole site is in german language.

Graf Koks