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03-13-2006, 01:44 AM
light box image viewer

I'm at a loss w/ this one. this is a very nice/elegant and i thought simple picture viewer. however i seem to experiencing a problem i can't figure the logic behind. i set up this script on a very plain html page(1-table divided into 9 columns and 9 rows to form a grid of boxes for my thumbnail images), the overall idea here was i needed to show multiple categories of images on one page, so i created these simple table pages which are loaded into an iframe in my main gallery page. everything works great when i launch the site from my harddrive, but as soon as the files are uploaded to my server light box starts getting quirky. basically it will only load the first image(first row, first column) when you click on any of the others the status bar just runs indeffinetly w/out ever loading the full size image. i though this might be a conflict w/ th iframe but i have the same problem if i just launch the plain page (one table&thumbnails) on it's own. all the file paths are correct, it's finding the files just not loading them. any thoughts, suggestions,:confused: comments please thank you

03-13-2006, 04:44 AM
I saw this happen once before recently with this script (and countless times with others). With this latest case, the symptoms were identical. The problem that time, and it may well be the case here as well, was that although the image paths and names were correct, their case (upper and lower case) did not agree with the code. This will not be a problem on most local machines but, on the web case does matter. So, for instance if your markup says:


but the filename is actually:


On a live installation, those are two different files, so the script cannot find it. A good way to test it is to put the absolute path to the image in your browser's address bar, if you get a file not found, but the path and filename are correct, the case is most likely wrong. I've seen all kinds of variations:




I could go on and on but the main point is that, once you go live, these are all different files as far as the script is concerned. Locally (on most computers), they are identical.

03-13-2006, 05:05 AM
allright, well that mosdef something i'll check out
thanx for the help