View Full Version : Add comment feature to art gallery

03-12-2006, 07:54 PM
I'm new to PHP and know very little about the language, basically only enough to let me manage the layout of my website as a header and footer for inclusion on the content pages.

Here is what I'd like to do:

This is one of a few art galleries on my website. It's coded manually with HTML. The images pop up using DD's "Auto-centering Popup Window" script. At the bottom of the pop-up page, under my own comments, I'd like to add a comment feature so visitors can add their own comments, ie, like how users at DeviantArt are able to do on each individual image.

I have a php coded journal and it includes a comment feature for each entry that is exactly what I want for my galleries, but I don't know how to copy this feature. I've contacted the original author of the code for help but I'm not confident I'll get a reply. From studying the code myself, I believe this feature doesn't require a database of its own to work, as the database I have for the journal does not include a table for the comments. The comments are stored in a subfolder on the server, grouped by the entry they belong to (ie, 505.comment is a file containing all the comments for entry no. 505, etc). These files are automatically generated and updated when comments are made.

Can someone help me set this up on my art galleries? I can post the code from the journal if that will help. Alternately, if that's not feasible, could someone point me to a tutorial or a ready-made script?

Thanks bunches.