View Full Version : The best way to instantiate a new object

05-28-2018, 03:56 PM

There are 3 different ways to create a new object:

let myObject = {};

var myObject = {
name: “Engage",
days: 30

var myObject = new Object();

Now my question is about the 2 different ways of instantiating a new object.

You can either use an existing object as prototype of your new object, like this:

var person = {
name: "David",
age: 20,

// Create theDude object and use person object as its prototype
var theDude = Object.create(person);

Or you can use a Constructor function to create your new object like this:

function Person (name) {
this.name = name;
this.age = 20;
this.getInfo = function getInfo() {
return this.name + ' is ' + this.age + ' years old.';

// Instantiating a new object using the new keyword and a constructor function
var theDude = new Person("David");

My question is:

What is the difference between the last 2 methods of instantiating a new object?
Which method is more recommended?
In the real world, which one is used more?