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05-28-2018, 03:36 AM
The following two constructor functions do the same job. But what is the difference between them and which one is more recomended?

// we define a constructor for Person objects
function Person(name, age, isDeveloper) {
this.name = name;
this.age = age;
this.isDeveloper = isDeveloper || false;

this.writesCode = function() {
console.log(this.isDeveloper? "This person does write code" : "This person does not write code");

var person1 = new Person("Bob", 38, true);
var person2 = new Person("Alice", 32);

// prints out: This person does write code
// prints out: this person does not write code

05-29-2018, 12:55 AM
I don't really understand what you're asking sorry.
You only have one constructor (Person)?