View Full Version : Script on internet for my site

05-18-2018, 07:01 PM

Ive seen a script on the internet that i would like to use but not sure what parts i need to delete / keep etc.

Here is my site in question http://www.theremotedoctor.co.uk/accaudi.html?scrollto=selection

Here is the page with the script https://www.cssscript.com/ios-style-picker-view-vanilla-javascript-mobileselect-js/

On the script page click on Demo then Single Selection "others wont be used" what you now see is a rotating selector / picker etc.

I would use this on my web site BUT only for Mobile phones, you would scroll the options with your finger & when you click on "select" that selected item is then shown on the page.

I currently have a similar script on my site but maybe it can be altered to allow finger scroll as opposed to the click function that it currently works on.
Then it would be styled like the attached image giving the appearance of a cylindrical barrel look ?

Many Thanks