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12-14-2017, 12:11 AM
I am using a mobile phone (emulators wont work). I generated something that works similar to JQuery but not the same.
The website is website (https://soloiestnetwork.000webhostapp.com/). So you will noticed a 'Content' tab on the top of the page. If you preform a click on anything you will see it being appened to the area called triggered. If you actually click on something that has a link you will see something .xtrigger etc. (The event handler).
Now if you move to another section of the website Eg the Visual Media (https://soloiestnetwork.000webhostapp.com/visual/) page. You will notice something that there are items called 'Toggle Style'. If you click on that you will notice it changing. The issue I am having is that those actually dont get triggered nor does it seem to be detected in iOS.
If you need the js files please let me know because I will send you a whitelist code.

- Deadweight

Update so I fixed the toggle issue. It now works; however, if it is the straight down view of the videos the "hover" effect fails. If it is the horizontal view it toggles correctly (on the grey sections) but that is CSS.