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02-28-2017, 11:57 PM

I am looking for a data viewing tool for the web, something that would ideally look like a grid/table. It needs to meet the following criteria:

* The capacity for at least 33 columns.
* Scrolling (vertical and horizontal).
* User adjustable column widths.
* The ability to determine the order of the columns.
* The ability to turn on "read only".
* Grouping: the ability not only to group rows by specified criteria, but to separate groups by a "header row" with the ability to list out meta-data. (ex. next 10 rows belong to project X, project X was created by Joe Blow on date such-and-such, in region blah, blah blah).

* Ability to filter table with an SQL string--i.e. pass SQL string, or at least where clause, to table and only rows matching the specifications of the query string are displayed.
* The look and feel of PHA-Pro (screen shot below).
* The meta-data rows (group headers) are collapsible (ex. 10 rows under group X can all be collapsed with only header row of group X showing).

* With querying specification above (for filtering rows), nice to have the ability to toggle visibility of rows that were filtered out (ex. toggle on: filtered out rows don't show, toggle off: filtered out rows show but are dimmed/greyed out).
* The ability to zoom in/out: if this can be done through the browser's zoom settings, that's good. Otherwise table itself should be zoomable.
* Filtering on specific columns: an additional layer of filtering on top of overall filtering of entire table.

03-01-2017, 04:39 PM
Sorry, forgot the attachment:


Ideally, grid/table should look like this PHA-Pro screen shot.