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05-20-2016, 06:57 AM

I'm looking for a flash file that will allow me to change an image each day, it's an educational idea that's designed to show students what exams they have today and tomorrow and will automatically change every day. The exam details will be just done as a series of JPG's that will change according to the date, almost like an advent calendar with images.

I tried looking for samples last night but really didn't know what to type in Google, anyone got any ideas?

Many thanks,


05-20-2016, 07:54 AM
Why do you want to use Flash for this? Many popular Apple devices (iPhone/iPad) will not run Flash. Very simple server-side codes utilizing either PHP or asp (if either are available on your host/server) will do this without any device limitations. If neither is available, javascript can do this client side with far fewer limitations than can Flash.

Also, I would ask, do you really mean "advent calendar"? Not being very familiar with advent calendars, doesn't that imply having previous day's options already open and on view as well as future day's options there that could be opened, but that shouldn't be?

Or do you simply mean that anyone logging to the page will see what is available for that day? Perhaps that day and future days up to a week?

In any case, there are two relatively new calendars (one written by myself that uses javascript, another written by another mod here that uses PHP) I think might be good for this depending upon what's available to you and upon just what you want to do. Neither requires/uses any images, though I suppose they could. Or, as I say, something simple involving images can probably be worked out.

Let us know what you think about this (what I've just written), and be more specific about what exactly you are looking for, and I'm sure we can help you out.

05-20-2016, 07:59 AM
Why Flash? This seems something more suited to JavaScript?

Here's an iframe script that can show a different slide each day - it automatically updates every day and you can navigate back and forth between slides.

The demo shows a monthly iframe but the page includes instructions on how to make it daily: http://fofwebdesign.co.uk/template/_testing/frames/monthly/

05-20-2016, 08:06 AM
Morning John :)

JayDog, if you want to check out the calendar script that John mentioned, to see if its something you could use, here it is.

Front-end monthly layout: http://fast-apps.co.uk/fast_cal/examples/sample_calendar.php (and click the month to change to a full year event list - could work very well for exams)

Back-end admin panel: http://fast-apps.co.uk/fast_cal/ (add/delete events and export an iCal)

And the main overview page with other details: http://fast-apps.co.uk/fast_cal.php

05-20-2016, 01:03 PM
Thanks for your replies. The reason for Flash is that it is compatible with the Scala TV systems I have in school. It's not for a web based output but the large TV's in school.


05-20-2016, 01:07 PM
The idea is that say on Monday 23 May 2016 we have a Maths exam, a large jpg saying that will be imbedded in the Flash movie and show up on the TV screen, at midnight, say there's an English exam on Tuesday 24 May 2016, another jpg related to that date will appear and so on automatically. I don't want a navigate option as there's no interface with the TV screens, just an array of jpgs that change from day to day. Thanks.

05-20-2016, 01:08 PM
Thanks, but it needs to be Flash as JS isn't compatible with the Scala Signage system.

05-20-2016, 02:08 PM
I would have thought you'd have been able to display a web page that has JavaScript in it.

A few years ago, I converted our school digital signage system to include web-based content, so in effect, it was just a bunch of HD TV's displaying a series of web pages through the built-in signage software/browser. Check that your signage software doesn't actually let you display a web page/URL - you should be able to schedule it in like any other slide, and the likelihood that we'll be able to help you will be much higher.

05-23-2016, 07:07 PM
Thanks Bev, but that's beyond me I'm afraid. I'll have a go at putting a webpage on but not sure if it'll allow me to do it. If it does then I'll message you from work. Cheers

05-24-2016, 10:42 AM
No, just tested it, it won't recognise HTML I'm afraid so no JS there, so it has to be Flash so if you can help on that front that'd be great. Thanks anyway.