View Full Version : Non Display of DataTables Paginate Line

04-16-2016, 05:05 AM
In DataTables the table_paginate area always displays no matter the number of records. If the lengthMenu is [20, 40, 80] and there are only 10 records the table_paginate area displays 'First Prev 1 Next Last' which is somewhat useless. I would like to somehow not display this if the number of records displayed are less than the minimum lengthMenu value. The same is true if the number of records is zero.

So, the question is... How does one 'Hide' the table_paginate area if desired? Is there an initialization parameter that can be used? What event triggers the calculation of the count of displayed rows?

TIA for your assistance.

04-16-2016, 07:12 AM
I'm not sure what DataTables is but a quick Google search using the info you provided ("hide table_paginate in DataTables") gives some promising results https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=hide+table_paginate+in+DataTables

I assume this is a jQuery plugin? Have you consulted the documentation? Usually, a search (i.e. find in page via CTRL+F on the documentation page) on logical/related words will lead you to your answer (try 'paging', 'pagination', 'hide', 'display'). Plugins tend to have a settings/options list so look on the website for that.

Have you also asked the plugin's developer community? Usually it is better to go to the source - check their forums or ask the developer because it's likely that they've been asked similar questions before and will more quickly be able to provide an answer. They'll also be more familiar with their manual/documentation/api/settings in order to direct you to the most helpful spot - more so than we are.

Just a note for future reference, when you ask a question about a script, please provide a link to that script so we know what you're talking about. Unfortunately we aren't mind readers.