View Full Version : The AJAX ticker script on DD stopped working! Please fix.

04-15-2016, 03:47 AM
The AJAX ticker, the one that has the CNN and BBC headlines scrolling does not work on here, anymore, since about 2 days ago. Any chance it'll be fixed to start working again?

04-15-2016, 05:29 AM
I think that might be a Google thing and that their current position is something like -

"We are no longer supporting this, but might"

But - you might be talking about another script.

I'm moving this to the DD Script help section where it belongs, and where - if you had initially posted it, you would have been asked to post a link to the demo page. That way we would at least know which script you were talking about.

That said, if it is the Google Ajax RSS ticker, as I suspect. There have been brief service interruptions before on Google's end, as well as a vague announcement that support might be totally terminated at some future point.

With any luck, a refresh of the page will solve the problem.

If not, please post a link to the demo page on DD, as well as a link to the page on your site where you are trying to run this script so we can have a more detailed look at this issue.

Oh, and if you mean this one:


BBC is still working.

Um, so it could perhaps just be an interruption in the particular feed(s) you are wanting to display and/or a change in their format.

Again, we need to know which script you're using and have a link to your page to really help any further.