View Full Version : *Juliar * language written in javascript/ES6/ES7

02-06-2016, 09:27 PM
Hey All,

I am developing a new programming language: *Juliar *
It's a functional language that focuses on the idea of recursion and that you should not write much code...only essential.

The code is being worked at https://github.com/juliarLang/juliar
Right now it's written in ES6 ( a latest unreleased version of javascript) It can only run in beta browsers. However, it's transpiled to ES5(released and supported version of javascript) which can run on any browser... If you are interested in this project. It's a great opportunity to learn "NEW" Javascript and how to design a language. The community is growing everyday and it would be awesome if any of you willing to help in any way. Even if it's just mentioning to a friend.


The official website is www.juliar.org