View Full Version : Setting transperancy in animated GIF's

02-25-2006, 07:43 AM
I'e created a GIF using Easy GIF animator and then edited it slightly in Image Ready. I am however unable to get it to work the way I want. The graphic I am working with is located at: http://www.ruskrestaurant.com.au/index.gif and after the white squiggle moves from left to right I am wanting the white logo to slowly come into focus from the centre. The problem I am having is that the final brown coloured graphic with the full white squiggle is not staying as the background image for the final 10 frames.
Anyone know how to do this ? I'm not looking for anyone to do this for me as that would spoil the fun, would prefer if someone could explain to me what I am not doing so I can do it myself.

02-25-2006, 05:46 PM
First off, the image is too big, both the dimensions of it and the number of bytes used. That has nothing to do with your problem but, does make it slow to download and take up more than the available screen area on all but the larger monitors (17+ inches) set to higher than average resolution (greater than 1024x768).

That said, there is no reason you couldn't make a smaller version so, to have the animation display as you say, you need to include the desired background in all frames that you wish to have it. For example, frame 13 is a blank white and frames 14 through 21 (the end) have this plain white background. If you want them to be otherwise, they must be edited to include whatever background you desire. If your .gif animation software does not allow for individual frame viewing and editing, then you need different software but, even though I am not familiar with the two programs you mentioned, I am sure that at least one, if not both has this capability.

03-23-2006, 10:05 AM
GIFs aren't vector based. That means they have pixels, not shapes. You can't just grab something and move it over. You need to redraw or recreate it.
Unless Easy GIF animator does that... I have no idea. ImageReady is just photoshop, but toned down and add some weird commands, heh. It's not gonna do that.

And... yeah. I'm on fast dialup, and that took about 10 seconds to load... you will most likely lose a lot of people in that time. Imagine the people on dialup.
Turn the numbers of colors down when exporting... its not too busy an image.
And... make it smaller, yeah.