View Full Version : Need to Access Exchange Web Services API using javascript

01-07-2016, 08:16 AM
I am creating an application using nodeJS and javascript for achieving following functionalities:
•Autodicover URL
•Fetching calendar items
•Get user availability details
•Fetching contacts

My scenario is like I do have a email address and password and then I need to perform autodiscover, fetch contacts and fetch useravailability details from exchange if the exchange credentials are correct. So I have to create a solution which serve to different organizations i.e. user can login using test@domain1.com or test@doemain2.com or any other exchange credentials.

Please let me know the recommended way of accessing exchange API using javascript. Can we use SOAP xmlHttpRequests to connect to exchange and fetch required details like contacts/calendar items. Also, Please let me know is there any javascript API. Any help would be highly appreciated.