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05-26-2015, 02:28 PM
I would like to add a hyperlink to the images in this carousel so they act like thumbnails;


However the jQuery has a bug and having no knowledge of jQuery I do not know how to proceed.

The bug occurs if you click in the carousel div and it is,

var index = start;
while(index !== end){
index = (index === array.length-1) ? 0 : index + 1;

Please advise.

05-29-2015, 05:26 AM
you mean you want the images in the carousel to be clickable links to pop up or load a window with a larger version of the image , correct?

05-29-2015, 05:33 AM
That's right I would like them to be clickable links.

05-29-2015, 05:33 AM
this works on similar principle as that one, plus it has a few more bells and whistles

and here's the description of how it works

and yes, that one you linked is buggy. it crashed my firefox after a few clicks.

05-29-2015, 05:39 AM
p.s. see my post above this one.

to make the images clickable links in the http://www.joezimjs.com/demos/roundabout-demo/
put some javascript in the head

<script>function imageClick(url) {
window.location = url;

then add this to each image tag you want linked

onclick="imageClick('http://etc... ')"

so it would be something like

<img src="slide1.png" alt="" class="slide" tabindex=1 onclick="imageClick('http://etc... ')">

oh and if you plan on using it commercially, better check the usage terms of the jquery script it's based on (roundabout i believe is the name of it)

05-29-2015, 07:58 AM
That's ideal many thanks.

The website I administer belongs to a charity so I should be OK with usage.

We are planning to restore the original Victorian waterwheel so I wanted a revolving theme even though it's on a different axis.

05-29-2015, 09:45 AM
oh interesting. would be cool to get a vertical carousel. :D