View Full Version : Resolved Newbie requires code checking please

04-11-2015, 05:07 PM
Here is the page http://www.theremotedoctor.co.uk/accaudi.html

Looking at this,



From here http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8232176/jquery-show-submenu-if-parent-have-been-clicked

But something is incorrect as the Accessories tab is affected and not the Honda listing within the Accessories tab ?

04-12-2015, 06:04 PM
You've (or someone has) marked this resolved. Is it?

Also please post javascript questions in the javascript section where I'm moving this. I just had another post of yours I answered that also needed to be moved to the correct sub-forum (again, javascript from css). css is only for style questions.

04-12-2015, 08:04 PM
No its not,i resolved the incorrect one.

Need some code checked and an edit advised please.

Ive applied a sub-menu under Keys & remotes / Honda
This sub-menu works fine on the pc BUT on the iphone it runs a little different.

This is what i would like to happen.
1,Select menu.
2,Drop down list now visable & under Keys & Remotes i select Honda.
3,Sub-menu drops dows & from this selection list you will see Accord Civic Crv etc etc.
4,Your selected vehicle is now on the screen.

This is what actually happens
1, As above
2, As above
3, You are now taken to the top of the drop down list.
4, Scroll down to Honda where the sub-menu is now visable.
5, Select from the list either Accord Civic Crv etc etc
6,Your selected vehicle is now on the screen.

After selecting Honda i assumed "never assume" the sub-menu would appear & i make the select NOT to be taken back to the top.

Once again many thanks.