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02-18-2006, 12:12 PM
Hiya John (John Davenport Scheuer <jscheuer1@comcast.net>)

...you never replied to me, so I must assume you wanted to make A large personal profit out of somebody else's code, and your connections with DD ... whom, of course you have no connections with - whatsoever - at all ... other than to finance your own, personal and highly profitable business objectives - sure buddy, I am calling you out! Ur a Free-loader I think ;-)

It is ok ... I also had a very serious physical problem a few years ago, but I chose to be a man about it, and not expect the World and His Wife to give me easy times. You know what I mean? Life, real life a'int like that- and my life/functionality could have terminated my life, a few years ago. I chose to be Honest about life, and I also chose to live

I also chose to call you out

I do have a real problem with you being so eagre to make money out of someone else's code - like you said in your message - "I can do all of what you want, easily, it, but it will cost you". Now, why was that a Private message? We have Moderators here? I will do the code myself, without your help ... all I needed was time, but especially I am actually very pleased you decided not to answer my private email, because Free source code should always be free source code!!! ... and I had very big misgivings about you wanting to make personal financial gains out of this ...

... I was going to report you actually, if you had taken up my offer

Good guess!

Now ... and you being american, this is partially understandable, as you will have little ideas about the real worlds' outside of your own front door ... and now I get a load of virus' and malware. tq

Have a nice day - do not ever rip off free code, as soon as you personally put a price on it - you defeat the object of Free exchange of Information. Oh! Sorry, I forgot - usa cannot do that yet ...

... and you were extremely keen to make some money out of me personally

I KNOW! Because jscheuer1@comcast.net asked me how much I would pay him to alter somebody else's Free-code

Catch you later ... and may your god walk with you

02-18-2006, 03:07 PM
For your information, I did contact you privately when you (you are the one who first brought up the idea of paying me) expressed an interest in paying for a custom job. I spent 8 hours preparing it for the finishing touches because, I thought you were serious. I did send you a private email in response to yours, you may have thought it was spam or your spam filter may have deleted it automatically. Frankly, if this is the way you choose to react when one message gets lost in the shuffle, you can look elsewhere for help, paid or otherwise.