View Full Version : Resolved "Backstretch" Background-Fader/Randomizer/Preloader

01-10-2015, 12:18 PM
Are you guys familiar with Backstretch, the background fader by Scott Robbins?

I'm using it on various pages of a website without issues, but as I just added Backstretch to a page running a slide show,
although Backstretch works, it causes the slide show to not display.

Can you tell what is conflicting and if it can be fixed?

Page without Backstretch and Working Slide-show (http://www.billyjoeconor.com/freebies/ringtones/select-ringtone.php)

Page with Backstretch and Non-Working Slide-show (http://www.billyjoeconor.com/freebies/ringtones/select-ringtone-test.php)


EDIT: Thanks - I resolved the issue. It was a matter of adjusting the z-index values.